Hey friend, I’m Felicia!

Originally from the tropical country of Singapore, I moved to Argentina for love in 2010 and that’s where this incredible journey begins.

It’s difficult to believe that it’s been almost 15 years since I packed my belongings, uprooted myself from Singapore, flew across the globe and made Buenos Aires my home.

And it’s even harder to believe that I’ve been writing a food blog since 2012, when just a little while before that, I didn’t even know how to switch on the gas oven in the kitchen.

Keep scrolling to read all about my evolution from being a Singaporean banker with zero clue about cooking to writing a gluten-free food blog with millions of readers each year..

It’s definitely something I’m so grateful and don’t ever take for granted! So I want to say THANK YOU for being here! It means the world to me.

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From Singapore to Buenos Aires

Life sure has its ways of surprising me, and I’ve learnt that it’s often best to go with the flow, and embrace the changes as they come.

When I first landed in Buenos Aires, also known as “the Paris of South America”, I lugged with me two 26kg suitcases and carried a heart bursting with hope.

I needed as much hope and optimism as possible, to be honest. I’d just made a life-changing decision to move across the oceans and continents to live in the same country as Juan, whom I’d met while studying in Germany during my exchange (you can read about my big move in this post).

I’d just quit a job in a large international bank, and stepping foot in a country whose language I didn’t speak, and where I had no friends to call my own, was intimidating and challenging by a long shot.

I was armed with a large smile, romantic dreams, and ready for the adventure of my life. And indeed, Buenos Aires delivered all that and more.

Why Gluten-free Recipes?

In early 2015, my husband Juan was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which basically meant that he had to eat exclusively gluten-free from then on. I started dabbling with gluten-free recipes out of necessity. All the breads, cakes, and cookies that Juan used to love before becoming Celiac were now off the table, and both of us had to learn our way into this new gluten-free world and kitchen.

At first, I was worried that gluten-free foods meant we had to sacrifice taste, but now I’ve realized that gluten-free doesn’t have to taste bad. In fact, there is a whole world of gluten-free recipes that look and taste so good no one would have realized that they are gluten-free.

Along with not being able to eat gluten, Juan is also lactose intolerant (as of early 2020), so many of the recipes I now test and publish are also dairy-free.

I’m not a registered dietician nor do I have formal training, but the recipes I share are based on my experience in the kitchen.

My Passion for Bread 🍞

Whether you’re new on this site or a long-time reader, you’ll notice that bread recipes feature prominently on the blog, and for good reason!

Since starting Dish by Dish, I’ve spent an incredible amount of time literally dreaming about bread, and even more time experimenting with and testing bread recipes.. because I just love the act of baking bread.

It’s highly therapeutic, immensely gratifying, and extremely comforting (the whole year round, but especially when it’s cold outside!).

From quick breads that come together in barely no time at all, to yeast breads that rise so miraculously, bread baking is a comforting balm to my soul.

If you’ve never baked bread before, don’t be afraid. Let me guide you on this journey of gluten-free bread baking, and you might just find yourself baking a fresh loaf of homemade bread each week (just like I do!).

My Hope for Dish by Dish

My heartfelt desire is that anyone will be able to feel at home at Dish by Dish, and realize that cooking gluten-free isn’t that hard after all.

At Dish by Dish, where personal stories and simple recipes intertwine, I hope you’ll stay a while, with a steaming cup of tea in one hand and a freshly baked muffin in the other.

Let’s be friends! 

Buy Me a Coffee ☕

If you enjoy my recipes, I’d love for you to buy me a coffee.

As you know, the gluten-free recipes on my website are 100% free, but if you want to show your support, I’d so appreciate a cup of coffee – or a few.

I drink quite a lot of lattes to get it all done! 😉

My E-Cookbook

I launched my first e-cookbook in July 2015 – an accomplishment I am very proud of! The Simple Healthy Breads & Treats e-cookbook was mainly written by my mum as an inspiration, and it’s a dream come true to see the fruits of months of effort come to pass. More than anything, I hope this cookbook will inspire you to eat better, live healthier, and learn that food is really our medicine.

I know you’ll love it – so check it out & get a copy, then tell me what you think!