Honey-Mustard Grilled Pork Ribs

Over the weekend, Juan and I decided to stay home and cook instead of eating out. For weeks we had been craving a good pork dish, so we fancied the idea of heading to Carrefour and getting pork – no matter the cut. We found a nice slab of pork ribs and toyed with the idea for less than 2 seconds before we grabbed it, paid for it, and rushed back to grill it.

It’s SO TERRIBLY EASY, anyone can make it.



1) 1kg of pork ribs
2) Mustard
3) Honey
4) Lemon juice
5) Cooking oil

cornbread in a cast iron skillet

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1) Place the pork ribs on a cutting board
2) Make the marinate by mixing mustard, honey and lemon juice (quantity of each to your taste)
3) Use a clean brush to spread the marinate on all surfaces of the pork rib slab
4) Use another brush to spread some cooking oil over the grill
5) Place the pork rib slab on the oiled grill and cook for 30 – 40 minutes at medium-high heat, or until the pork is fully cooked and no longer raw (no more bloody parts seen)
6) Serve with a side of fries or salad

Place pork rib slab on a cutting board:


Mix mustard, honey and lemon juice to make the marinate:


Spread marinate on all surfaces of the pork rib slab:


Brush the grill with cooking oil to prevent ribs from sticking to the grill:


Place pork rib slab on oiled grill:


Delicious honey-mustard grilled pork ribs!

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